River City Alternative Health

Dr. Peter is AWESOME! You wanna feel better? stop on by. I had both treatments and am feeling great. - Andy S. 9/10/2012

I have no words to thank you. - Judy and Michelle 2/5/2013

These below are from my previous office in Cave Creek, AZ (Phoenix)
I sold that office to move to Port Byron April 30, 2012

Very well adjusted office!  I absolutely love my visits to the office ever since they've practically opened up. I feel like a family with them and they've the same people that started a long time ago which is great. So caring and gentle is how I'm treated and I feel so energetic and alive when I leave. I trust this office and Dr. Crocker is such a wonderful person. He is so insightful and knowledgeable that you walk out with something new each time. I love the staff, massage therapists are great and the front desk are the nicest ever! This office is run so well and I keep wanting to return more and more. It's like one big happy family! I've told everyone I know about this office because I don't want them to miss the experience!
- From Kudzu, "Honestcritic" 2/27/2008

Couldn't be any nicer.
My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Crocker and his team for 5 years now, we have always thought of him as knowledgeable, kind, and generous. Prices are good too. Even though we have moved, we still drive the 100 miles round trip to see Dr. Crocker. He is a genuinely caring person, who listens and is dedicated to providing consistently great chiropractic care. I used to get bad headaches monthly, but have not suffered from any since beginning treatment with him.
- From Kudzu, K. Frisby 12/2/2006

"I want to box you guys up, the whole office and take you with me to Payson."
- Bruce W. 04/14/2010

"You guys are so rare.  I just love this office."
- Kevin N. 03/10/2010

"I love how I feel when I leave here!"
- H. M. 8/1/2011

"My neck feels the best it's been in years!"
- Naomi S. 8/2/2011

Dear Staff & Dr. Crocker,
Thank you for adjusting my back while I was in Cave Creek.  My neck and
shoulders feel much better now.  Next time I'm back from Nebraska
I'll stop in.  Thank you for
pain relief!  You guys are all awesome!
-Mary - Lincoln, NE

I don't know what I would do without you guys.  You're the best Chiropractic
office in Phoenix!
- AMDD 10/29/2011

The treatment method was explained in-depth to me before they started the treatment. I was totally prepared for everything that was going to be done during the adjustments, and I was completely comfortable. At some of the other places I've been to, the chiropractor had super cold hands, so I was a little nervous I would have to deal with that here, but I didn't at all. I was more comfortable than I've ever been anywhere else. I felt that they really valued my health and happiness because they followed up even after my appointment just to check up on me. It was such a nice gesture that made a huge difference. I knew I was getting top-of-the-line treatment when they told me about what they learned at the latest conference they attended, and how they were incorporating that knowledge into the practice.

Reviewed 10/17/2011

If you want someone to make you feel at home, this is the place! They are so friendly and welcoming. They have completely eliminated my need for pain medication and enhanced my overall well-being. I feel better than ever. Their primary concern is my safety and comfort, and they always take the time to address every concern of mine immediately. They were one of the kindest, most caring staff I've ever dealt with. It didn't matter how many times I called with a question or concern, they were always happy to help me. The office was very easy to locate. I didn't have any trouble finding it at all.

Reviewed 9/7/2011

Thank you for your kind referrals.